Module 2: Applied Research at the Work Place & Distance Learning



4 months, part-time and work-based


September-December 2018 for next programme session


thesis can be written in English, French or Spanish

Module 2 takes place, in principle, at the participant’s place of work. In parallel to his/her professional activities, the participant practices his/her analytical and methodological abilities in conducting and writing a professional thesis, and also attends an e-learning course on gender issues.

The choice of the thesis topic should be determined by the participant and his/her institution. The employing institution is also encouraged to confirm its interest and support in writing during the application phase. Regardless of which topic is chosen, the professional thesis can take a variety of formats: a policy paper, a position paper, an institutional analysis, a case study, an analysis of a specific issue, a comparison or other formats suitable for the analysis of the chosen topic. Throughout the whole programme (modules 1,2 and 3), a professor or an expert is supervising the various stages of the professional thesis, providing additional methodological and operational insights.

Participants are presenting the findings of their thesis during Module 3 and integrate, if feasible, findings of their study in their professional activity.

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