Curriculum & Modules

Curriculum & Programme Modules

The DPP consists of an innovative, modular and international curriculum. It combines regional, decentralized courses (Module 1), applied research at place of work and distance learning (Module 2) and subsequent exposure to Geneva-based international organisations and public administrations (Module 3). The curriculum is partly decentralized in 5 regions and implemented with regional academic partners.


Duration & Dates

6 months, from July/August 2019 to January/February 2020 for next programme session

Teaching format

A variety of teaching formats are employed in the different modules of the programme, including lectures, readings, group work, case studies, discussions and debates, field and organisation visits, individual work with coaching, various written assignments, distance teaching and public presentations


Final award

Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices from the Graduate Institute (30 ECTS)


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