Executive Certificate - Module 1

Executive Master - Modules 1, 2 & 3



Broaden your horizons

Navigate today's debates on the following development issues:

  • Natural resources management and governance in English-speaking Africa
  • Rural development and food security in French-speaking Africa
  • Economic, social, cultural and environmental rights in Latin America
  • Water management and security in Central Asia and Caucasus
  • Economic transformations and environmental impacts in Southeast Asia
  • Current discussions in Geneva-based organisations
  • Gender and development

Enhance your skills

  • Improve your ability to conduct strategic analysis
  • Understand interactions between policies, practices and key actors
  • Rethink projects with strategic management tools
  • Become familiar with applied methods (data collection, interpretation and risks)
  • Learn how to better interact with your team and interlocutors
  • Strengthen your communication skills to effectively influence debates and discussions

Experience a unique course outline

with study options in 3 languages, and designed around 3 modules:

Module 1 - in one of our regional hubs

5 weeks (full-time) in July/August 2019

  • Analyse public policies and local/international actors at regional levels
  • Acquire methodological tools necessary to carry out a research, and define your professional thesis topic
  • Learn how to design, monitor and assess projects with a strategic perspective

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Module 2 - at your place of work

4 months (part-time) from September to December 2019
Executive Master only


Participants gather information (data collection, interviews, observations) and write their professional thesis in English, French or Spanish. In principle, the choice of the thesis topic should be determined by the participant and his/her institution. The employing institution is also encouraged to confirm its interest and support in writing, during the application phase.

Regardless of which topic is chosen, the professional thesis can take a variety of formats: policy paper, position paper, institutional analysis, case study, analysis of a specific issue, comparison or other formats suitable for the analysis of the chosen topic (25 to 30 pages). Each participant is monitored by a long-distance thesis supervisor.

During this period of time, participants also attend an e-learning course on gender issues.

Module 3 - in international Geneva

3 weeks (full-time) in January or February 2020
Executive Master only

  • Strengthen your leadershilp skills such as mediation, negotiation and forsight
  • Present your professional thesis in public and interact with peers, professors and experts
  • Participate in work sessions with public administrations, international and non-governmental organisations

Courses are in English, French or Spanish (with translations)

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