The Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices (DPP) is designed to meet the needs of development professionals and, therefore, also benefits to the institutions and donors that are active in the field of developement.


Benefits for individuals

  • get a more comprehensive understanding of international development, global trends, existing regional tensions and the actors at stake
  • develop systematic approaches to your work and strategies that lead to concrete and effective interventions
  • apply new skills and knowledge at work by conducting a job-related thesis, gaining deeper expertise in your field of activity
  • strengthen your leadership and management skills to better interact with your team, engage with your partners and other interlocutors, and effectively influence debates and discussions
  • exchange your experience with peers coming from all over the world and become part of an international network of development professionals

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Benefits for institutions

  • equip your collaborator with analytical tools enabling a deeper understanding of his/her professional context, the various actors at stake, challenges and risks
  • improve the capacity of your collaborator to work in a systematic and consistent way, capitalizing on existing knowledge and lessons learned
  • mandate a professional thesis relevant for your organisation and for the development of new strategies
  • encourage your collaborator to play a leadership role within your organisation (team management, independence in negotiations, representation in conferences, etc.)
  • contribute to building a strong and dynamic network of development institutions specialized in different fields of activities and countries

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Benefits for donors

  • contribute to the strengthening of public institutions and civil society, a prerequisite for promoting adequate and sustainable development policies
  • increase the effectiveness of the development projects that you are funding by building capacity of your implementing partners in strategic management
  • support the completion of a professional thesis providing you with guidelines for better impact of your investments
  • take advantage of the reputation of the Graduate Institute to increase your visibility and influence shifts of approaches in development policies and practices
  • promote a network of development institutions and donors who provide expertise and funds in different fields of activities and countries

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