Graduates platform

Most of the DPP (and former DFD/IMAS) graduates are gathered in an interactive platform of work.

Objectives of the platform
  • Encourage exchanges and strengthen both DFD/IMAS/DPP graduates and their institutions network
  • Foster a community of professionals and organisations specialised in different fields of activities / countries
  • Contribute to the dissemination / promotion of good practices
  • Provide the donors supporting the programme with updated information regarding the professional career and activities of the graduates

Dissemination of the professional theses

Dissemination of professional theses

The DPP programme seeks to contribute to the dissemination and the promotion of the professional theses among actors involved in development and international cooperation. These theses are listed by geographic area and by thematic.

English-speaking Africa
French-speaking Africa
Latin America
Central Asia & Caucasus
Southeast Asia
HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, Health, Education, Youth, Social
ECONOMIC, SOCIAL AND CULTURAL RIGHTS, Migrations, Gender, Minorities
ECONOMY, Trade, Employment
ENVIRONMENT, Natural resources, Water, Climate change
GOVERNANCE, Public management, Civil society, International cooperation / Humanitarian aid, Private sector
FOOD SECURITY, Rural development, Agriculture

If you want to receive one or the other of these theses, please contact Stéphanie Roy Michael.