Tuition and logistic fees

  • Executive Certificate - CHF 8'500*
  • Executive Master - CHF 3'500* to CHF 25'000* according to country of origin

* Some logistic fees are not covered by the programme (see more detailed information below)

The Executive Master is benefiting from significant subsidies granted by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Canton of Geneva and other institutions. These subsidies are allocated to the candidates according to their country of origin, which classification takes into account the priority countries of Swiss cooperation and the Human Development Index (HDI).

Priority countries

If you are coming from a priority country, your financial contribution will be limited to CHF 3'500 + some logistic fees listed below*. This contribution also applies for your organisation or any third party who might be choosing to sponsor your participation to the programme.


Opportunities for other countries

If you are coming from a country that is not on the above list, you may still be eligible for cost reduction and your financial contribution will be fixed according to the Human Development Index (HDI):

  • CHF 12'500* for candidates coming from a country with a low-to-medium HDI
  • CHF 17'500* for candidates coming from a country with a high HDI
  • CHF 25'000* for candidates coming from a country with a very high HDI


Swiss candidates

Your contribution will vary between CHF 3'500 and CHF 25'000, and will be fixed according to your 'revenu déterminant unifié' (RDU). For more information, please, contact Bruno Medroa.


*Logistic fees

The programme is organising and covering the following services:

  • Module 1: accommodation, meals, local transportation
  • Module 3: accommodation, meals, round trip to Geneva, local transportation, health/accident insurance

You are required to organise and take at your expenses:

  • the round trip to attend Module 1 in Accra/Bishkek/Hanoi/Lima/Ouagadougou
  • the logistic fees incurring during Module 2
  • health/accident expenses incurring during Modules 1 and 2



If you withdraw from the programme, please note that no refund will be done for your contribution and any logistic expenses incurred at the moment of the withdrawal.


Geneva tax payers

If you are a Geneva tax payer, you may be eligible to the chèque annuel de formation (CAF) up to CHF 2250, delivered by the Canton of Geneva. The CAF request must be made before the start of the training. The programme reference is # 2713.